Artist's Statement

In performances and videos, I combine bodies with everyday manufactured objects to investigate issues around desire and power in relation to gender performativity, sexual politics and consumerist identity. Absurdity is used to destabilise societally constructed rules about how to behave as a woman, worker and consumer.

The work usually features objects or clothes that reference different forms of labour, particularly domestic work, customer service roles and white-collar jobs. I combine these with actions that signify sexual power play, such as submissive or dominant poses, and by implying fetishistic relationships to the chosen objects. In doing this, I hope to highlight gendered power dynamics within these forms of work, and to breakdown learned compartmentalism between the erotic and mundane.

I often appropriate gestures and poses from sources that present bodies as consumable spectacles, whether from advertisements, pornography, the history of art, product demonstrations, etiquette classes or stock photos. This is partly in attempt to reclaim them, and partly to ridicule them.  I hope to emphasise the ways in which (young, cis) female bodies are often the landscape on which desire for commodities are constructed, and to consider how this affects identity construction.

My aim is for viewers to experience both amusement at the euphemistic nature of the work, and discomfort at the elements associated with voyeurism and objectification. 



Instagram: rosiegibbens



2018 MA Contemporary Art Practice (Performance) | Royal College of Art 

2015 BA (Hons) Performance Design and Practice | Central Saint Martins


Selected Exhibitions



Fivehundredthousand | Deptford Cinema | London

YIKES (A Celebration of Awkward Performance) | Lovelite | Berlin | Germany

How are you Babe? | Blank100 | London

Brick + Mortar Projects curated performance event | Strangelove Time-based Media Festival | Folkestone 

BF Film Festival VIII | Serf | Leeds 

Through the Backdoor | Bloomberg New Contemporaries | South London Gallery | London



Unperforming | Curated by Louise Ashcroft | Artsadmin | London

nodoCCS Video Festival | Cerquone Projects | Caracas | Venezuela

Steakhouse Slow Sunday | Toynbee Studios | London

Visions at the Nunnery | Tina Keane Programme | Bow Arts | London 

Emergency Festival 2018 | Z-arts | Manchester 

Staged | The Bomb Factory | London

Learn Where the Meat Comes From | out_sight | Seoul | South Korea

TBCTV | Somerset House | London

Royal College of Art Degree Show | London

Low Entertainment | Vogue Fabrics | London

Beyond the Body | Asylum | London

Diffracta | Total Refreshment Centre | London

Bomb Factory Film Festival | Art Week Exeter | Exeter

5 Minutes of Your Time | TestBed/ Doodle bar | London 

REVOLVE Performance Festival | The Orangerie, Orbyhus Castle | Uppsala, Sweden 

False Efficiency | Toynbee Studios | London

CAPberet | Royal College of Art | London

Artists Film Festival VI | The Bomb Factory Art Foundation | London

The Cruising Garden | Vogue Fabrics | London

Queer and Feminist Porn | Royal College of Art | London 

Deep Trash Romance | Cuntemporary | Bethnal Green Workingmen’s Club | London

GRAIN | The Factory | Folkestone



I Come In The End, The Best Is Over | Dyson Gallery | London

I’ll Be More Social Tomorrow | Charlton Gallery | London

Standing Block | Lincoln projects |Burlington Camden | London

(Ten)peramental | Toynbee Studios | London

F O L L O W | Lychee One | London

Archiving Fever no.2 | Square Gallery | London

Archiving Fever no.1 | Hundred Years Gallery | London

Intimaterial | Royal College of Art | London

REVOLVE Performance Festival | Uppsala Konst Museum |Uppsala, Sweden

Five minutes of your time | Testbed | London

MicroActs | Hotel Elephant | London

Work in Progress Show | Royal College of Art | London



Handover | The Factory | Folkestone

Drunken Nights | St George Tavern | London

This was the Future | Barbican Conservatory | London

Mourning Milk | Freshly Scratched | Battersea Arts Centre | London

PowerHouse | Platform Theatre | London


Related Experience

2019 Assistant to Katherine Araniello

2018 Short course tutor at the University of the Arts 

2018 Visiting tutor at Central Saint Martins 

2018 Member of the Artsadmin Youth Board 

2018 Workshop facilitator for Families affected by the Grenfell Fire | Acava 

2018 Early Years and Families Learning Assistant | Tate

2017 Workshop facilitator for college students | Royal College of Art 

2016 Performer for Simon Vincenzi | The Things We Do | Barbican 

2015 Performer for Shabnam Shabazi | Snail Portrait | Spill Festival